Young people are not satisfied with school-based sex education, describing it as inadequate, unrealistic, and irrelevant to their lives.


Young people report that current school-based sex education focuses predominantly on puberty, pregnancy, contraception, and sexually transmissible infections. Furthermore, it seems to emphasise the negative consequences of sex and sexual activity, rather than framing it as a normal and often important part of many relationships. In failing to take this approach, school-based sexuality and relationships education can neglect an important opportunity to  empower young people to think consciously about sexual activity, actively negotiate preferred sexual activity, and make considered and educated choices about this area of their lives. 


In our current culture, explicit and implicit messages about sex and relationships are often fantastical which can compromise the development of healthy and positive attitudes towards these matters. in your skin® is dedicated to exploring these matters in a positive, realistic, and non-moralising way. 


Common topics include:

  • media deconstruction and 'media literacy'

  • gendered stereotypes and expectations

  • gender and sexuality

  • social, cultural, and sexual 'norms'

  • internet pornography and 'porn literacy' 

  • consent and coercion

  • victim blaming and slut shaming

  • sexual language and communication

  • respecting sexual partners

  • developing healthy and respectful relationships  



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