Dr. Tessa Opie

Dr Tessa Opie is the founder and director of in your skin® and is an advocate for healthy and consenting relationships. She has extensive experience in education delivery and training facilitation. Tessa has worked as an educator across the government, not-for-profit, and private sectors, and has ongoing experience as a guest lecturer at various universities.

Tessa’s approach is sex-positive, evidence-based, and harm reduction focused. It actively requires participants to consciously consider their relationship values, attitudes, and expectations, in a social climate that feeds us often misleading messages about sex and relationships.

Tessa recently co-published a national position paper, as lead author, detailing comprehensive, evidence-based sexuality and relationships education in Australian schools. She has also recently published a paper which considers the role of sex-positive education in the prevention of sexual assault among high school students.

She recently worked as a consultant for a 4-part SBS series, The Hunting.

Tessa is the President of the Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SA/NT Branch), an Executive National Council Member of the Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd, and a member of the Australian Association for Adolescent Health Ltd.