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“This will be the most important thing the students do all year.” – Teacher

“The feedback has been AMAZING for your presentation and there are chants for "more more more"... Well done and thankyou so much.” – School Psychologist

“Your influence on the school and its clientele can’t be diluted, Tess … It is such a testament to you … So glad you’re on our team.” - Head of Senior Years

“I thought the content of your presentation was spot on ... Particularly the content around porn, which is so crucial in educating young people about yet so often ignored due to its explicit nature.” – Education Project Officer, Australian Football League

“You have had an incredibly positive impact on so many of our male students. Your session on ‘consent and coercion’ has really changed how a number of them view girls and women.” - School Psychologist

" ... we wanted to tell you how impressed we were with the information session tonight. Dr Opie presented a very balanced ... view on how to help our kids navigate what is such a new world of the Internet's influence on relationships. 

We feel very lucky to have her involved with our school."  - Parent

“Thank you for the advice about sex positive parenting. This workshop has been a real eye-opener.” - Parent


“Thank you for today’s workshop. I feel as though this program is really bringing our year level together … I haven’t come out yet but when I do, I feel as though you have helped create a safer space for me to do that.” - Year 11 Student


"Firstly, a huge thank you so much! I think the best way to overcome many of these issues is to talk about it and understand it. I wish we had more sessions and were able to discuss more but obviously sex education is a vast topic and I'm very happy. Thanks!" - Year 10 Student.

"It was very interesting and informative. It was great and very eye opening about consent." - Year 9 Student.

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once more for your presentation. I left the session feeling inspired and motivated to continue to advocate healthy and safe sex and relationships amongst my peers, family and fellow students. Not only did your lecture provide me with information I was unaware of, but affirmed my passions and beliefs regarding gender equality, in respect to sex and also in life in general.” - Year 12 Student

“I just wanted to again say a massive thank you for presenting at our Leadership Day today. I have received some great feedback and the content linked in very well with the overall day and intended outcomes.” - Youth Programs Manager, Power Community Ltd., Port Adelaide Football Club

“I learnt a lot. Better than any other sex ed programs.” – Year 11 Student


“Thank you for raising such important and critical ideologies that so many teens just do not know about ... I thoroughly enjoyed the session.” – Year 12 Student 

Thank you very much for presenting to us today – you introduced some very surprising statistics and I am now encouraged to question things and approach things more critically. Thanks again!” – Year 12 Student

“Really good presentation as it actually told us the truth for the first time.” – Student

“Really insightful talk. One of the most informative talks I’ve had.” – Student