student workshops

Research demonstrates many young people are not entirely satisfied with school-based sexuality education, citing it as simplistic, risk focused, sex negative, and irrelevant. Consequently, many young people have voiced their preference for practical information about navigating respectful intimate relationships, particularly with respect to consent and communication skills. 

inyourskin® are dedicated to exploring these matters from a positive and pragmatic perspective.

Middle & Senior School

Our student workshops take a gender transformative approach, supporting young people to develop healthy relationship skills.

Students are encouraged to actively consider their relationship values and expectations, to think about their language and negotiation skills, and to develop a healthy and realistic sense self and ‘other’. Sessions are evidence based and harm reduction focused.

Medical School

This workshop explores the current evidence and experiences of people who identify as gender and/or sexually diverse, including stigma and discrimination that occurs within the health and allied health sectors. Centering lived experience, Aud Mason-Hyde presents their work which explores the harmful impact of the gender binary, expansive language, and better practice. 

The Impact of Alcohol on Consent

This workshop for year 11 & 12 students, offers an interesting critique of the cultural norms surrounding young people, intoxication and consent.

Healthy Relationship Day

Half/Whole day event dedicated to healthy relationships exploring topics relating to consent, sexuality, gender and relationships.

Our student workshops have been developed with consideration to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum and international best practice guidelines.

inyourskin® are passionate about the human right to access to evidence based comprehensive relationships and sexuality education. We are committed to making our services more accessible to all young people, especially at-risk youth. As such, we offer pro bono and/or discounted rates to organisations that fit into this category. For more information, please email