Respectful Relationships

Course Overview

Our respectful relationships workshop for residential university college students considers sexual wellbeing, with an emphasis on consent and respecting sexual partners. Participants are required to consider their sexual rights and responsibilities, and in doing so, explore factors affecting their sexual and relational decision-making.

These interactive and engaging workshops consider content areas such as sexual health and safety, touch and consent, communication and boundaries, ‘porn literacy’, understanding the law, and sexual self-determination. Students are also required to consider a ‘sexual readiness scale’ to assess their own preparedness for healthy sexual interactions. 

We recommend facilitation of this workshop during Orientation Week / Welcome Week.

Topics Include

  • Sexual health and safety
  • Assessing sexual intelligence
  • Sexual activity and the law
  • Sexual activity and alcohol
  • Respecting sexual partners
  • Consent and coercion
  • Effective sexual communication skills

Our workshop for residential university college students run for approximately 60 minutes with a maximum of 25 participants per session.

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