young people

Asexual Visibility and Education Network – world’s largest online asexual community, with various forums and resources:

Scarleteen – inclusive, comprehensive, supportive sexuality and relationships information for teenagers and emerging adults:

Amaze – affirming and honest sexuality education for young adolescents:

Best in Sexual Health UK – A guide to sex, love and you. For everyone over 14 years of age:

QLife – support and resources for LGBTIQA+ individuals, including QLives which explores LGBTIQA+ people’s perspectives and lived experiences:

The Aboriginal Sexual Health (ASH) Podcast – explores different sexual health topics relevant to everyone, including our LGBTIQA+ community:

Young Deadly Free – a website with resources about Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) and Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs) affecting young people in regional and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities:

Sexuality and Disability – a website that explores the intersectionality of disability, sexuality and gender:

Better Health Channel – Disability and Sexuality:

Health Translations – sexual health information in languages other than English:

1800 RESPECT – support for anyone affected by sexual assault, domestic and/or family violence:


Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault & Abuse 


parents and care givers

Connolly, H. Commissioner for Children and Young People, South Australia (2021). Sex Education in South Australia: What young people need to know about sexual health and safety:

Walsh, J. (2018). Talk soon. Talk Often. A guide for parents talking to their kids about sex. Western Australian Department of Health:

Talking Sex, Puberty and Relationships: A resource for parents. Planned Parenthood:

Motherwell, S. (2021). How and when parents should talk to their kids about consent. ABC News:

Planet Puberty. Supporting parents of young people with intellectual disability and autism navigate a new world. Family Planning NSW:

Opie, T. (2019). What parents need to know about ‘sending nudes’. SBS Voices:

The Carly Ryan Foundation. Online safety resources for parents – App Fact Sheets:

Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Australian Government. Advice to parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online:

It’s Time We Talked. Tips to support you to talk about online pornography with your child/young person:


Families Like Mine. A guide for parents and families of young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, gender diverse or who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Beyond Blue:


A parents guide to their child’s sexuality. Understanding sexuality and sexual identity – for family and friends: 


Yarning quiet ways. Teaching kids to have strong, safe and healthy relationships:  


Talking sexual health. A parents guide. Victorian Government: (