Sexuality in Professional Practice – February 2022

1 Day Workshop (Online)


Wednesday 23rd February 2022


9:30am - 3:30pm



inyourskin® and Relate Sexology have collaborated to develop a professional development workshop, titled, Sexuality in Professional Practice.

This workshop will support participants to:

  • Reflect on personal values and beliefs about sexuality, gender, sexual behaviours and identities, and how these beliefs and attitudes impact their professional practice;
  • Identify unconscious bias;
  • Explore strategies for managing unconscious bias;
  • Re-evaluate social constructs such as normality, knowledge and reality;
  • Explore strategies to address sexuality related topics with patients/clients in a safe manner

This workshop is for teachers, counsellors, health and allied health professionals. It is a reflective and process-oriented workshop rather than a knowledge-based experience.

Facilitators: Dr Tessa Opie and Anisa Varasteh

Anisa Varasteh is a clinical sexologist and director of Relate Sexology. Anisa provides therapy to individuals and couples as well as consultancy and training on mental health and sexuality-related topics to clinicians and organisations. Anisa is the President of the Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SA/NT Branch).

Dr Tessa Opie is the founder and director of inyourskin, a relationships and sexuality education service, working with students, young adults, professional athletes, parents, curriculum advisors, the education workforce and allied health professionals. Tessa is the Director of the Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SA/NT Branch).

$390 (GST exc.)

To register, please email 

Dr. Tessa Opie

Dr. Tessa Opie

Founder and director of in your skin® and an advocate for healthy and consenting relationships. She has extensive experience in education delivery and training facilitation. Tessa has worked as an educator across the government, not-for-profit, and private sectors, and has ongoing experience as a guest lecturer at various universities.

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